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Join Our Club!

Wendy Campbell, PTC Membership Coordinator can help you become a member.   Fill out the application form and waiver form below.  Questions can be emailed to:  

Once your membership is approved, you will have access to the "Member's Only Section" of this website to view game schedules and events.

Apply For Membership

Step 1:  Fill out the online application and hit the blue submit button. It's best to use Google Chrome as your browser.

Step 2:  You will be contacted by PTC Membership Coordinator. 

Step 3:  You will be asked to drill on the tennis court with a member of the club to confirm that your level of play is 3.5 or higher.  This is required before your application is approved. 

Step 4:  Only after your application is approved, you will be requested to pay by etransfer.  Please do not pay the membership dues until your application is approved.


Qualifying For Membership:


For maximum enjoyment for all, the PTC asks that members be at a minimum 3.5 level of tennis. New members may find our reference guide helpful (click below) for self-rating your play.


Adult Membership Dues: 


$50.00. All dues include Tennis BC membership.  


Current membership year January 1 - December 31, 2024


If applying for membership in the Peninsula Tennis club, you agree to abide by the club rules and to assign no liability to the Club or its Officers for any risks associated with these activities. 



Waiver of Liability

A signed liability waiver form is mandatory if applying for new membership.  This form will need to be submitted along with your application. While your application form is submitted online, you will need to print this liability waiver, sign it and  give to our PTC Membership Officer. 

Tennis Canada's Self-Rating 'Play Tennis' Guide

Tennis Canada’s “Play Tennis” Self-Rating Guide will help you:

a)  establish your own general level of tennis ability

b) find players of a similar level so that you can have competitive games

c) participate in group lessons or league play with players of similar ability 

 A complete version of this Guide is available at 


2.0 Can get the ball into play but lacks control. Can serve but often double faults.

2.5Can rally consistently, especially on the forehand.  Inconsistent 1st serve, but steady 2nd serve.


3.0Can rally on forehand and backhand.  Can control return of serve, beginning to volley consistently, can lob and smash balls of moderate pace. Improved 1st serve to over 50%.

3.5Able to move the opponent around the court or hit harder when receiving easier balls. Can execute approach shots with some consistency.

4.0Able to develop points with some consistency by using a reliable combination of shots. On moderately paced serves, can construct the point through hitting a good shot or exploiting an opponent’s weakness but is still erratic with spin or fast serves. Can poach weak shots, put away easy overheads, can vary speed and direction of serves.


4.5Can use a variety of spins and beginning to develop a dominant shot or good steadiness. Can defend consistently off return of serves; can serve and volley particularly in doubles. Has an aggressive 1st serve and seldom double faults.

5.0Able to maintain a consistent rally on faster balls. Very steady strokes and has a dominant shot. Can overhead from almost any position; 1st serve can win points outright and 2nd serve can prevent the opponent from attacking.

5.5This player has developed a game style which is recognizable – an all court player, an aggressive baseliner, retriever….Has good anticipation either technically or tactically. Has no major weaknesses and can counterattack.

6.0, 6.5 & 7.0 These players will generally not need a rating. Rankings or past rankings will speak for themselves. Has had intensive training for national tournament competition. The 6.5 player has extensive international experience. The 7.0 is a world class professional tennis player.

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