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Tennis BC Membership Benefits

Membership is a pre-requisite to participation in sanctioned (ranking) events and Tennis

BC supported leagues and is valid for 12 months.

WEBSITE - is Tennis BC’s home page and contains up-to-date

tournament information, on-line registration, news of special events and more.

• VISUAL REALITY – Tennis Canada is introducing a new membership, tournament

registration and management system and national/provincial rankings tool which will

become available to Member Clubs in 2013. This will replace the USTA TDM system which

has been in use f or the past 10 years. Tennis BC will offer information and support to assist

clubs in transitioning to this new system.

• MATCHPOINT MAGAZINE – can be accessed on-line. This magazine provides fitness and

tennis tips, photo stories of events, highlighting BC players, Clubs and Rogers Rankings.

• EVENTS - Tennis BC coordinates and publishes a full calendar of sanctioned and non-ranking tennis tournaments for players of all ages and abilities, including the Stanley Park

Open, North America’s largest public courts tournament, the Odlum Brown Summer Series,

Junior and Senior Provincial Championships, Future Stars Tour (for U8,9, 10 progressive

players), numerous junior, adult/open and senior events, and the Rogers Rookie Tour.

• INTER-CLUB LEAGUES – Miele supports leagues and team tennis, with more than 30

divisions throughout the province, plus annual Provincial Championships for both adult are

junior teams.

• PROVINCIAL RANKINGS - Tennis BC maintains rankings for junior, adult and senior

categories. Rankings are available in Matchpoint Magazine and on Tennis BC’s website.

• COACHING CERTIFICATION - Tennis BC delivers Tennis Canada’s Coaching Certification,

a comprehensive program that integrates coaching theory with specific technical

information. The bi-annual Coaches Conference and regular recertification clinics keep our

coaches and instructors up-to-date.

• OFFICIATING CERTIFICATION - Tennis BC offers officiating courses for those interested

in becoming certified Referees, Roving Umpires, and Chair or Line Umpires under the

Tennis Canada Officiating Program.

• CLUB INSURANCE – Seasonal member clubs can purchase liability insurance at a reduced

rate from Tennis BC.

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