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PTC Celebrates Career of Eric Knoester, Tennis Coordinator

 Panorama Recreation Center

Eric has been instrumental in the advancement of our club; his support and friendship has been unwavering. The PTC is incredibly grateful for this relationship and Eric has set the tone for excellence in all that he does. He is well-known for his dedication, hard work, commitment to tennis and outstanding altruism.

We know if he puts as much effort into his retirement as he did his career, he has an exciting future ahead of him.  On behalf of the PTC, we  congratulate Eric on his upcoming retirement and his new life ahead!

Photo: L to R: Alan Osborne, Eric Knoester 

Group photo L to R: Wendy Campbell, Sandy Galloway, Eric Knoester, Alan Osborne, Barbara Robinson, Cynthia Funnell

(Absent Kim Moffat, Shirley Jones) -- June 7, 2022

Holiday Tennis Social December 2023

PTC Opening Day May 28, 2023

Aussie Open Tournament & Celebration - January 2023

Christmas Party 2022

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