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Past Committee  - Our Volunteer Champions 1999 - 2022


Alan Osborne - President

Margaret Paterson - Vice President

Barbara Robinson - Vice President

Shirley Jones - Treasurer

Cynthia Funnell - Marketing & Communications

Sandy Galloway - Past President, Social Coordinator

Lou Bernz - Treasurer

Judy Huff - Social Coordinator

Warren Franklin - South Island Tennis Association Rep

Warren McCall - Newsletter Editor

Jim Galloway - Webmaster, Game Coordinator

Suzanne Vincent - Game Coordinator

Bob Williamson - Treasurer

Jane Owens - Social Coordinator

Susan Hirst - Secretary

Mandy Kray - Social Coordinator

Bob Hill - Newsletter Editor

Jim Geiwitz - Game Coordinator

Margaret Peters - Game Coordinator

Daniel McCall - Treasurer

Marion Kent - Social Coordinator

Joan Solberg - Social Coordinator

Scott Montague - Past President

Lynda Terrell - Treasurer

Bob Hill - Newsletter Editor

Juergen Peters - Original logo, Photographer, Game Coordinator 

Jim Black - Game Coordinator

Sheila Norton - Game Coordinator

Bill Kent - Game Coordinator

Brian Wilson - Treasurer

Denise Springford - Social Coordinator

Tom Ginley - Game Coordinator

Bruce Solberg - Treasurer

Laura Black - Secretary

Geoff Philpotts - Communications

Heinz Urzinger - Game Coordinator

Bill Gray - Game Coordinator

Mona McIntosh - Game Coordinator


History - Early days of the club

A small group of local tennis players started looking into options for a new tennis club on the Saanich Peninsula in late 1998.  The Organizing Committee, chaired by Alan Osborne, included Lynda Terrell, Marion Kent, Bruce Solberg, Jim Black, Al Hadvick, Dale Hoover, Jacques Rinfret and Gerry Sekora (the latter two have since moved away) .  Eric Knoester offered his expertise and support.  Three options were explored: (1) an agreement with the Peninsula Recreation Commission to secure blocks of court time for PTC activities on the existing indoor and outdoor courts at Panorama; (2) adding two outdoor courts and a club house at Panorama; and (3) leasing the three courts at the Glen Meadows Golf and Country Club.  The latter two options also included an agreement to secure indoor courts at Panorama for winter play.


Vivian Davies was our link with the Glen Meadows tennis membership, which would have merged with the PTC if Option 3 was pursued.  We approached Glen Meadows’ owner, Percy Criddle, with an agreement to lease his 3 courts for an amount that gave him twice the revenue he was receiving from his dwindling tennis membership.  Although he was tempted by the proposal and the prospect of increased revenue for this restaurant, he ultimately declined to enter into a lease.  Option 2 required 100 “founding members” to pay $150 to join the PTC plus $150 per year thereafter, to pay for construction of the 2 additional outdoor courts.  After discussions with the Peninsula Recreation Commission (Panorama), considering the “light” demand for the existing two outdoor courts, and canvassing prospective members, Option 2 was considered to be a “phase 2” option, to be pursued more seriously if membership grew to the point where the existing 2 outdoor courts were overused.   The Organizing Committee decided to launch the new club based on  Option I, with low annual fees and a “pay as you play” funding model, where members pay only for sessions they signed up for.  This is still the basis for the Club. 


The Peninsula Tennis Club was formally launched on April 7th, 1999, at a meeting at Panorama, with free food and tennis, a proven combination to attract tennis players.  Eric’s offer to PTC of advance bookings, half price outdoor courts and discounted indoor court fees for club events helped make it an attractive option for local players.  Tennis BC membership was included in the club membership, and PTC Women and Men were immediately active, and successful, in the South Island League Tennis (then called Vancouver Island Tennis Association League).   The PTC team of Margaret Peters, Laura Black, Sandy Galloway, Mandy Kray, Catherine Alexander and Denise Springford were the 4.5 Women’s League Champions.   From the very first women’s, men’s and mixed socials, organized by Lynda, Marion, Jim, Dale and Bruce in the Summer of 1999, there has been significant demand for more organized tennis on the Saanich Peninsula.

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